The expiration date of your home: Yes, it does have one

Sell By-Milk

There are many items that we commonly associate with expiration dates—food, cleaning products, medication—but did you realize that your home also has an expiration date? The amount of time your home spends on the market is referred to as “Days On Market” or “DOM”. Every real estate market across the country will have a different […]

Don’t confuse foreign investment with a housing bubble


I recently read an excellent article in the New Yorker by James Surowiecki entitled “Real Estate Goes Global.” The piece talks about the housing market in Vancouver, but he may as well been talking about the Mid-Peninsula. I see the exact same thing happening here, and his article articulates the issues very well. Surowiecki explains how […]

1977 flashback! Ideas to reduce home water usage


Do you remember the drought of 1977? Were you one of those that stopped watering the lawn and put bricks in your toilet to reduce water usage? I remember it well. 2014 is looking like another dry year for California, so whether you remember the 1977 drought or not, it’s time to think seriously about […]

What is the one website savvy home buyers should use to find accurate information online?


Buying a home is a big decision—it’s not something that most people have a lot of experience doing. Buyers here on the Mid-Peninsula need to have the most accurate and up-to-date information to them about which homes are available. It’s important to understand where to go online to find home listings, and to work with […]

The Finding Your Dream Home formula


Welcome to the spring market! A lot of buyers are probably busy dreaming of the perfect home. Unfortunately, dreaming about it is easier than actually finding it in the real world—especially in our super dynamic and competitive local market. Your perfect house is out there—I promise. To find it, you need the right information, some […]

Big idea: Small homes


Are large houses going out of fashion? Maybe not, but tiny houses are starting to trend. Think super small house inspired by Japanese architecture that are very affordable and work in places where land availability is an issue. The houses also appeal to green living, the maker ethos and urban homesteading. Could you live in […]

Remodeling ideas to add value to your home

Attractive young adult couple painting interior wall of house.

Remodeling is a great way for homeowners to get exactly what they want in an existing home. But when thinking about a remodel, you should think beyond your own comfort and also about how that remodel will affect the value of your home when it comes time to sell. It might not make a lot […]

How much home should you buy?

house of money

The New Year is here, maybe you have plans to buy and move into your dream home in 2014. If you take a look around at homes for sale on the Mid-Peninsula, reality sets in, and you might find yourself thinking you have champagne tastes on a starter home budget. You aren’t alone. Every buyer […]

Christmas on the Mid-Peninsula


Christmas is coming to the Mid-Peninsula. Rancho Siempre Verde It’s that time of year when my family loves to visit Rancho Siempre Verde Christmas Tree Farm where we can picnic overlooking the ocean and enjoy the relaxed environment and friendly people while we find our perfect tree. Did I mention they do marshmallow roasting and […]

Flood insurance is a new and developing issue on our local market

House-and-life-ring (2)

Flood insurance is a hot topic in local real estate right now. If you own property on the Mid-Peninsula, you probably also own flood insurance. It’s a great place to live, but a lot of us in Palo Alto and surrounding areas live in flood zones. On October first, the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform […]