Busted: What your March Madness bracket has to do with real estate

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If you’re a betting person (and according to USA today, 11.57 million of you are) you most likely did not bet on #3 seeds losing in the first round of the NCAA tournament during March Madness this year. But that’s exactly what happened–we can’t predict the future. The same is true in real estate. While […]

Understanding market value: Technology is just a start

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Technology surrounds us and in the real estate industry, it’s no different. The convenience of apps that help you search properties and define market values are in demand. If you Google “best real estate apps” Zillow is consistently at the top of the app list. In fact, the site saw 73 million unique visitors at […]

Don’t confuse foreign investment with a housing bubble


I recently read an excellent article in the New Yorker by James Surowiecki entitled “Real Estate Goes Global.” The piece talks about the housing market in Vancouver, but he may as well been talking about the Mid-Peninsula. I see the exact same thing happening here, and his article articulates the issues very well. Surowiecki explains how […]